About Us

It’s a family affair

Gardelin was one of the first gulets to migrate from Turkey to Croatia almost 20 years ago and still in the same family ownership, so you will find her maintenance beyond reproach and her owner-crew among the most knowledgable plying the Adriatic.
Because of this Gardelin is one of the most perfect family-orientated gulets in the market.  Boat  is ideal for two or three families together as all have the same accommodation and all of whose needs are understood.
If  you’re tall, you don’t have to as headroom (and beds to match) will accommodate you without a problem. Throughout the yacht, you will find her rustic, well-maintained interior perfectly adapted for the biggest grown-ups and the smallest kids

The ship was named
after a bird called the Gardelin.

Your guardian crew

Damir, the skipper, and Alen (owner and also a crew member), along with the chef who produced the most delectable food, plus two deckhands will ensure your enjoyment on your Adriatic sailing cruise

Sail with us!